Innovative & Integrated Cold Chain Solutions Provider

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Innovative & Integrated Cold Chain Solutions Provider

We are Innovative & Integrated
Cold Chain Solutions Provider

Successfully Commercialize, “Thermal Inverter Cooling Technology”
TICT Based Cold Chain Solutions Solar Cold Storages, TICT Based Insulated Vehicles

One Stop Solution for Setting up
Cold Chain Infrastructure

Manufacturer, Turnkey Project Execution,
System Integration, Product Development, Project Designing, Contracting & Consulting

We caters wide Range
of Applications

Applications : Cold Rooms, Cold Storages, Ice-cream Cold Rooms, Fruits and Vegetables Cold Storage, Multi Chamber Cold Chain Projects, CA Chambers, Ripening Chambers, Precoolers, Blast Freezers, Blast Chillers, Temperature Controlled Warehouses

We caters wide Range

Cold Chain Companies, Warehouse & logistics, Fruits and Vegetables,Food Processing, Retails,
Ice-cream, Meat , Pharma , Biotech, Dairy, Hospitality, Food Services, E-Commerce.

Blast Freezing , IQF , Spiral Freezers, Frozen Cold Storages,
Blast Chillers, Processing Unit Turnkey Projects Solutions

Food Processing Industry

Turnkey Warehousing Solution: Air conditioning & Refrigeration Solutions, Prefabricated &
Pre-Engineered Construction, Warehousing Insulation, Flooring Solutions, Roofing Solutions,
Loading Bay, Warehousing Doors Temperature & Humidity Mapping, Data Logging, Online
Central Monitoring System Refrigerated Warehouse for Food & Beverage Industries
Pharma & Biotech Cold StoragesFrozen Food Storages

Temperature Controlled Warehousing
& Logistics Solutions


Manufacturer | Turnkey Project Execution | System Integrator | Consulting | Contracting | After Sales Service

TICT Based Cold Chain

TICT Based Cold Rooms
TICT Based Chiller Rooms
TICT Based Freezer Rooms
TICT Based Cold Warehouse

Cold Rooms & Large Cold Storages

Walk In Cold Rooms
Cold Rooms – Chillers
Cold Rooms- Coolers
Cold Rooms – Freezer

Cold Chain Projects

Large Cold Storage Projects
Multi Commodity & Multi Chamber Storage
CA Chambers
Food Processing Projects
( F & V , Dairy, Meat, Poultry , Ready to Eat Food, Ready to Cook Food etc)

Ice cream Cold Rooms

Ice cream Cold Rooms
Ice cream Cold Storages
Hardening Chambers
Blast Freezers

Fruits & Vegetables Cold Storages

High Humidity Cold Storages for F & V Precoolers
Low RH Cold Storages for Spices & Herbs

Seeds Cold Storage

Smart Conditions Chamber for Seed Storage

Temperature Controlled Warehouses/ Cold Warehouses Projects

Temperature Controlled Warehouses for Pharma, Wines, Biotech , E Commerce Warehouse , Chocolates , Health care & Foods

Blast Freezers ,Blast Chillers IQF

Blast Freezers – For Meat/Poultry/Icecream etc
Blast Chillers – For Commercial Kitchens, Processing
Individual Quick Freezing

Special Application HVACR Projects

Precision Air-conditioning Projects
Testing Labs
R & D Centres
Data Centres
Process Halls & Production Centres

Frozen Food Cold Storages

Frozen Food Cold Rooms & Cold Storages
Blast Freezer

Ripening Chambers

Banana Ripening Chambers, Mango Ripening Chambers

Mobile Cold Chain Solutions

Banana Ripening Chambers, Mango Ripening Chambers


Jaikon Refrigeration India Private Limited is one of the JAIKON Group Company which offers integrated & Innovative Engineering solution in Cold Chain (Cold Storage, Cold Rooms, Refrigerated Vehicles) Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration and Special Application HVACR Projects.
A team of engineers and technocrats dedicated to providing cost effective and highest quality solutions in Cold Chain development & Special Application HVACR Projects including Low RH Cold Rooms, Dehumidification and Process Hall Air-conditioning. Our team consists of professionals with experience in the field of Designing of Projects and Systems, New & cost effective Solutions, Project Execution, Production, Installation Commissioning and After sales service.
We as a company are committed to providing excellent products, services and technical support to our valued customers. We are into manufacturing products and offer complete solutions for Cold Chain, cold rooms, larges cold storages, Transport Refrigeration, Food Processing and Post-Harvest Management techniques.

We are Innovative & Integrated Cold Chain Solutions Provider


(food services)
Fruits & Vegetables
Food Processing Industry
Chemical Industry
DC / Logistics /Warehousing


We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

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