Jaikon Refrigeration India private Limited Innovative Cold Rooms/Cold Storages based on TICT (Thermal Inverter Cooling Technology) address the key Pain points of Seed Companies/Distributors.

A cold room is the most appropriate storage method if you need to store large volumes of accessions. A single cold room is more energy efficient than several individual freezers. However, cryo-preservation at ultralow temperatures may be advisable for some very short-lived seeds, provided that there is a good local supply of liquid nitrogen.

We preserve commercial and foundation seed.

Commercial Seed Storage Conditions

Temperature: 10 Deg C to 14 Deg C
RH: 40% to 50%

Foundation Seed Storage Conditions

Temperature: 10 Deg C to 14 Deg C
RH: 35% to 45%

It is not just temperature and RH but a lot goes into the preservation of seeds.

Jaikon’s TICT based Seed Cold Storages are designed to maintain specific temperature and relative humidity conditions such as medium temperature with low relative humidity for long-term seed storage; Medium temperature with high humidity for germination rooms; controlled temperature and relative humidity with day/light simulations; as well as clean space for tissue culture applications.

The storage facilities to be provided must be related to the amount of seeds and the period over which they are to be stored.

Orthodox seed collections should be maintained at cool temperatures, once they have been dried and packaged. Seed longevity increases as temperature is lowered (storage life approximately doubles for each 5ºC reduction in storage temperature). Taking into account seed longevity, cost, safety and other factors, the Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) recommends a seed storage temperature of about -20ºC.

Temperature Advantage Disadvantage
Domestic refrigerator ~4ºC Cheap and replaceable Relatively high temperature for seed storage, small capacity
Domestic Deep freezer -13 to-20ºC Relatively cheep and replaceable. upright(recommended) and chest versions Not recommended if more than 10m3 freezer volume is required.
Purpose built cold room -20ºC May use lees energy than individual freezers High initial cost. Maintenance required
Liquid nitrogen storge -160 to-196ºC Greatest seed longevity likely. Suitable for very short-lived orthodox species Small seed volumes Requires a ready supply of liquid nitrogen and an effective ventilation system