Jaikon Refrigeration offer Ripening Chambers with totally customized design in terms of Capacity . Our Banana Ripening Chambers are. Our Banana Ripening Chambers are

Introduction of Ripening


is the final stage of the maturation process when the fruit changes Color, and develops the Flavor, Texture and Aroma that makes up what is defined as Optimum Eating Quality.

On the basis of ripening behaviour, fruits are classified as:

CLIMACTERIC-Ripens after Harvesting Banana, Mango, Papaya, Guava, Sapota, Pineapple
NON-CLIMACTERIC-Ripens on Tree only Citrus-Orange, Mosambi, Litchi, Kinnow, Grapefruit etc.

Bananas (Musa paradisiaca var. sapientum) are harvested green & sweeten as they ripen. Their peel reveals their exact stage of ripeness. A dark green peel is very firm. As the banana ripens, the peel color lightens and changes to yellow and the pulp softens. During this process, the Starch within the banana converts to Sugar giving it their creamy, sweet taste.

Optimal Conditions for Controlled Ripening

  • Air-Tight & Adequately Insulated Ripening room
  • Desired Temp., RH & Air circulation
  • Exposure to Ethylene gas at desired dosage (100-200 ppm) & intervals
  • Desired levels of CO2 to be maintained (<1%)
  • Proper Ventilation / Air-infused at regular intervals
  • Accurate Monitoring and Control systems

Critical Parameters to Consider

Temperature Highly Efficient Refrigeration s/m
Humidity Steam Humidifier, preferred
Air-Flow High CFM Fans
Ethylene Injection & Conc. Portable type /Centralised
CO2 Monitoring, Removal Room Ventilation Grid with Standby
Roll-up Doors used Air-tightness, Safety & Ease of Usage
Industrial Flooring Suitable for Fork-lift operation, Durable
Capacity Control for Ripe Rooms 2 units/chamber part/full load opn.
Lighting Safety & LUX
Fire & Safety Fire Sensors, Extinguishers, Alarm