Jaikon Refrigeration India private Limited Innovative Cold Rooms/Cold Storages based on TICT (Thermal Inverter Cooling Technology) address the key Pain points of Icecream & Frozen Food Companies/Distributors. The industry was facing the problem with High power Consumption to run traditional cold rooms and having no any cooling back up.

Jaikon TICT Cold Rooms Is the Innovative Solution to address above issues. Jaikon TICT Cold Rooms are designed to consume less power consumption ( Power Consumption Reduced to more than 50% compare to traditional cold rooms)

Key Benefits:

  • Fit for Purpose “ – Innovative Solution at Economical Price
  • Low Power Consumption & Low Electricity Bill
  • More Cooling Back Up
  • Low Temperature
  • Better Product Cooling/Freezing
  • Storage Cum Hardening Room (Icecream) – Customized Solution
  • Better Compressor Life
  • High Air Flow
  • Low Maintenance
  • Enhanced Life of Cold Room