For Storage of Frozen foods for Long term Storage, We always offer adequate Cold Storage which is capable to maintain desired Room Conditions .

JAIKON REFRIGERATION provides an enviro controlled cold storage services. A robust refrigeration system and technology to keep frozen products in condition. We preserve a host of products like meat, poultry, sea food, sweet corn, green peas, dairy products, yeast, confectionery and so on. Various types of frozen foods have different stabilities in frozen storage depending on how quickly they develop abnormal flavours and whether they discolour easily. Different lots of the same type of frozen food may have different stabilities, depending on many factors including but not limited to the quality of raw material and product ingredients, processing, and packaging materials. Storage life can be extended significantly as storage temperatures become colder. For most products, a temperature of 0 °F (-18 °C) or below is required if storage is expected to exceed 6 months.

The quality of a frozen-food is influenced by storage conditions. The changes in quality decrease as temperature is decreased, maintaining low storage temperatures increases the cost of frozen-food storage. Higher temperatures in frozen-food storage must be avoided due to the sensitivity of the frozen-food to temperature. Experience has established that a frozen-food storage temperature of -18℃ is accepted as a safe storage temperature for extended shelf life of a frozen food.