Jaikon Refrigeration India Private Limited offer Complete Turnkey Solutions for Cold Rooms and Cold Storage Construction. We are the manufacturer of high class customised cold rooms and cold storages


Our Cold Rooms and Cold Storages are designed aptly to meet customer unmet need and add value to his business.


Jaikon is Known for Innovative cold rooms and cold storages solutions.

Capacity From 500 Cubic Feet – 10,00,000 Lac Cubic Feet & Above
Storage Range From 5MT – 10,000 MT
Temperature Range + 15 to +25 Deg C
0 to + 2 Deg C
+ 2 to + 8 Deg C
-18 to -22 Deg C
– 22 to -30 Deg C
– 35 to – 45 Deg C
Type of System Freon Based
Type of Units Air Cooled Water Cooled
Type of Compressors Hermetic, Scroll, Semi hermetic, Screw, Compressor Racks
Evaporator Units High Air Flow Evaporator Units, Slim Line Evaporator Units
Construction of Cold Rooms We use Pre Engineered and Pre-Fabricated Construction Polyurethane Panels for Construction of Cold Rooms
Standard Panel thickness 30mm , 50mm , 60mm , 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm
Types of Doors Hinged Doors, Sliding Doors