After the Successful Commercialization of Thermal inverter Based Cold Storages with Cooling back feature, Company has further extended this innovative solution to the next level by Integrating it with Solar Energy.

This is Called “ Solar Based Thermal Inverter Cold Storage”. During Day time Cooling system will work on Solar Energy and Charge the Thermal inverter for Night Operations. This will maintain uniform cooling during day and night operations.

The Purpose of These Cold Storages are to make Farm Level Cold Chain business model more viable so that farmers& FPO’s Can run these systems without power from from Grid.

This solution will help each stakeholders of the Value Chain by adding value in terms of reduction of Operating Cost (Electricity Bill ) and increase the margins.

Key Benefits

  • Extended Cooling Back up for Retaining Cooling for Longer Duration
  • Increase Shelf Life of Food produce by reducing farm heat at farm level
  • Reduce Food Wastage at Farm Level
  • Reduce Dependency on Grid Supply
  • Reduce Operating Cost in terms of Electricity Bills
  • Fast Execution
  • Low Maintenance